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Built by giants!

A few days ago I have decided with some friends to visit one of the nature trails of Cyprus, Teichia tis Madaris. We asked a friend who had been there in the past to send us the route, which I have to admit it is very easy.



The path is at an altitude of 1,600 metres. At the highest point of Adelfoi mountain (1,613 metres), you will find the Madari fire lookout tower.

Length: 3km

Estimated duration: 2 hours

Difficulty rate: 3

The route offers a panoramic view of Troodos, the lower areas of Mesaoria and in the foreground, the villages of Kannavia, Lagoudera and Polystipos, the Xyliatos Dam etc. The Trail is located within the Adelphi Forest in a section that has been incorporated into the Madari-Papoutsa Natura 2000 area.


There are some short changes of gradient (uphill/downhill), which are not particularly tiring, and in some places there are steps and a number of dry stone walls built in 1993 when the Trail was laid out. You will also find stopping places with benches and viewing points.

The view from there is stunning, somehow you feel you are on top of the world.


The most remarkable aspect of the geology of the area lies in the almost vertical rocks (Teichia) projecting majestically like enormous walls cut into the rock face along the whole route.

These vertical rocks are not a manmade phenomenon but represent the most durable part in the process of erosion that has been going on for millions of years.


The Teicha tis Madaris Nature Trail joins the Madari-Doxa Soi o Theos and I have no doubt why they called it with this name. It worth’s though every single step as the view is astonishing and very dynamic.


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